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In the last 2 years, Braden has competed in 34 events, finishing on the podium 95% of the time and winning 21 of these events. In 2015 he became the first ever NZ athlete to claim the title of the USA Off-road Triathlon Champion and in November he claimed 2nd place at the World XTERRA Championships. He is currently the NZ & ASIA PACIFIC XTERRA WORLD CHAMPION and 2 time Long Distance Triathlon Champion.


Three-time Coast to Coast champion Braden Currie is one of New Zealand’s most well known multisport athletes. But his talent extends far beyond multisport. Over the previous 12 months he has proven himself over a variety of racing styles and disciplines, including the title of the NZ Long Distance Triathlon Champion for the 2nd year running. This has given him the confidence and determination to prove himself in Olympic distance triathlon.
His 2016 year has been formulated to provide him with the best opportunity to achieve selection for the NZ Triathlon team that will compete in Rio in August. For most triathletes this is a goal of monumental proportion, for Braden who is yet to ever compete in Olympic distance triathlon, it is a challenge that 99% of people would consider to be utterly impossible. But Braden Currie has proven time and time again that he is New Zealand’s most verstatile and successful endurance athletes, and that what he sets his mind to is completely possible.

New Zealand born and raised in small town Methven, on a farm, Braden was fairly isolated from the world of multisport and triathlon. It was only when his brother decided to focus on competing the Coast to Coast in 2014, that Braden realised what the sport entailed. In 2006 he decided he would try to compete in the 2-day Coast to Coast event, having never ridden a road bike or paddled a multisport boat. He came 3rd that year after a few months of training and 2 punctures on the first ride. This was his first and last attempt at multisport for a few years as he then moved to Australia and developed a mountain biking and cycling business with his wife Sally.

In 2011 Braden felt like he was ready to come back. No one remembered him, but from that point on he was often described as the farm boy who came out of nowhere. In his first season back racing, he managed to claim his first major podium appearance with the Anaconda Adventure series in Australia finishing 2nd overall. After this success he ventured into the unknown taking on the prestigious New Zealand Coast to Coast, placing 3rd over all (individual men’s) behind top athletes Richard Ussher and Dougal Allan. 
Braden knew that he could do more and found himself face to face with a career opportunity he had immense passion and natural talent for, but also well known to be financially high risk, highly competitive and perceivably impossible to make a life from. Braden had a decision to make. It didn’t prove to be a difficult one - anything involving risk, excitement and challenge sets off a spark within Braden and it wasn’t long before he was racing full time.
His ability to perform consistently in all disciplines and his aggressive racing attitude were key attributes that allowed him to develop a career within multisport and adventure racing. 
Between 2012 and 2014 Braden continue to thrive within the multi-sport scene and he won his first Coast to Coast in 2013. This was the start of everything and it wasn’t long before Red Bull were knocking on his door and asking him to represent them as their Red Bull Endurance athlete. 
In 2014, Braden took out his 2nd Coast to Coast championship, beating 10* reigning champ Richard Ussher by 24minutes.

Braden then set his sites on the global XTERRA circuit. He travelled to Europe with his family (wife Sally and children Tarn and Bella). He decided to race the European XTERRA circuit as this is where he felt the highest caliber of competition was racing. After travelling and competing in over 11 countries, he finished 2nd on the circuit after 3-time world champ Ruben Ruzafa. He followed this with a 3rd place at the ITU World Cross-tri championships. This was his Braden’s first season in short distance racing on a world scale and only made him more determined to achieve further success in the world of endurance racing.

With no limitations Braden decided that his first event for 2015 would be in half ironman. It was at the Port of Tauranga half, which doubled as the NZ long distance triathlon championship that Braden ran down sporting legends Mark Bowstead, Cameron Brown and Graham O’grady to take the title. This was Braden’s first attempt to race a half ironman with the big guys and has proved that his ability extends well into the on-road sports as well as off-road.

Braden then went on to win the NZ XTERRA and ASIA PACIFIC XTERRA Championships, before travelling to the USA, Costa Rica and Canada with his family to compete in the USA XTERRA series. Braden won his first event in the USA, where he claimed the title of the USA Off-road Champion. Soon to be followed by a series of successes and a 2nd place in the Series championship in UTAH. 2nd place continued at the World Championships behind Josiah Middaugh. Braden hopes to achieve one step higher in 2016 and take out the title of World XTERRA Champion. This has only ever been achieved once by a kiwi male athlete and that was Hamish Carter in 2005.

But for the early part of the 2016 year, Braden’s focus will be solely on Olympic Distance triathlon, where much of the challenge will come down to getting “starts” as well as results. He requires enough points to be ranked in the top 140 athletes within the world, as well as two top 8 results in World Series events to be considered. His first few races will be the most influential as they will be the ones to get him starts in the later races. With only 3months to achieve this, Braden has bit off a goal that many would not even consider attempting. But Braden’s motivation lies within the journey, as well as the end result and he believes that by taking this road, regardless of the result, that he will become a better athlete.

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For further information about Braden, please contact Braden’s media manager
Catherine Pattison (027) 4455 389 or email media@bradencurrie.com

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