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Red Bull athlete Braden Currie has announced his affiliation with Apex Insurance and Bikesure, specialists in bicycle insurance at home and on the road.

Currie, rated as one of the worlds top off-road multi-sport athletes is ‘stoked’ to begin a relationship with these companies after previous experiences with other insurance companies failed to meet his needs causing him to wonder if he could even continue racing at his current capacity.

‘My life as a professional athlete involves a lot of travel, both alone and with my family. In the last 3 years I have raced in over 25 different countries and have been on the road for at least 5 months of the year. When you travel this much, you look for every possible way to make the travel part less stressful and as efficient as possible.

When I am in the middle of a competition overseas, riding down a technical single track, the last thing I want to think about is the consequences of coming off my bike. Over the last few years its become harder and harder to find a travel insurance company that will actually cover me for what I do.

Last year the day before we took off to the USA, we realized the travel insurance we normally used had made a change to their policy, which prevented bike cover. After phone calls to many insurance companies we realized that this change had become an epidemic. I had to travel for 3 months with no bike insurance, and I was lucky it worked out ok. While we were overseas, we started asking around and realized that Apex Insurance are one of the few who can cover me for what I do’.

Managing Director of Apex Insurance, James McGhie is just as excited and proud to be a part of Curries team describing him as a ‘man on a mission’ and a very inspiring athlete. McGhie and the rest of the Apex team are looking forward to supporting Curries journey as they combine ‘similar values’, being ‘remarkable and stand out in a crowd, passionate, embracing long term relationships and consistently delivering value whilst remaining a challenger and being recognized as one’.

Currie along with many elite and recreational athletes understand the importance of being solely race-focused without distractions. Bike insurance is a key factor in allowing peace of mind at home and whilst travelling.

‘It was a relief as I was starting to wonder whether I would be able to continue to travel and race as I have in the past. It was massive for me to be able to talk to James at Apex about what they could offer me. Moving forward with them has taken a huge amount of stress out of my life, and reopened the world of opportunities when it comes to racing. It’s a major part of what I do, that I don’t have to think about now.  At the current stage in my career, every second counts and the more focus I can put into my performance, the better chance I have of giving my all to what I really want to achieve’. 

‘Braden had mentioned his insurance issues and as New Zealand’s leading sports insurance specialist we knew we could solve them through either of our two brands Apex Insurance or Bikesure’ – James McGhie, Managing Director (Apex Insurance).

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Braden Currie multi-sport is made possible with the support of Flight Center Active Travel, Subaru of New Zealand, Specialized, 2XU and Red Bull, Apex Insurance and Bike Sure.