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Braden Currie is a long-distance triathlete defined by his consistent and outstanding world class performances. Over the course of a decade, Braden has competed in 92 different endurance events tallying 51 wins and 72 podium finishes. Braden’s career goal is to win the IRONMAN World Championships. With 3rd, 5th, and 7th place finishes at this event, Braden knows what it takes to compete with the world’s best. Transitioning from a successful off road triathlon career early in his career – to Ironman racing 6 years ago. He has since has dedicated himself to refining every element of his arsenal for on-road racing and focusing solely on preparing for the unique challenges of competing in the toughest conditions against the world’s best at this distance. In 2023 Braden is ready to fight for the top spot on the podium, and we will watch in anticipation to see if he can achieve what no NZ male triathlete athlete before him has.

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For further information about Braden, please contact Braden’s media manager:
Sally Currie + 64 21 025 86937 or email