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Take a look inside Braden Curries strength training program, curated by his coach,.Val Burke.

Range: All range exercises across the hips (quads, hip flexor, hamstring, glut, adductor stretches and active range).

All images credit to Sally Currie

Why?  Because biking especially tightens him up around the hips and by ensuring he has normal range of motion across his joints keeps his back, gluts and knees especially injury free.

Glut Activation Exercises: Single leg squat to bench; wall mini squat; supine bridge off bench; side plank and top leg abduction; Swiss ball planks and glut activation/leg lifts.

Why? Strong gluts & core gives more stability when he runs and better power delivery into the pedals when he bikes.  We do gluts before his main leg exercises to ensure they are firing well by the time he is doing his bigger leg exercises

Main Leg Exercises (we circulate these):


Why? Core & leg strength. Bone density through the back/hips/pelvis. We use the hexagon squat because he can lift max weight without lower back risk.

Leg Press: both single leg and double leg.

Why? Power on the bike and efficiency on the run

Split or Bulgarian Squat.

Why? Single leg and core strength whilst encouraging hip range.

Hamstring Isolation: Swiss ball hamstring curls.

Why? Core, hamstring & calf strength

Hamstring Isolation: Romanian deadlift (single leg).

Why? Hamstring, core strength & single leg balance/hip stability.

Hamstring Isolation: seated hamstring curl (single and double leg).

Why? Unilateral balance (i.e right/left side and hamstring/calf strength for the bike).

Calves: standing and seated calf raises with lots of weight.

Why? Run injury prevention &  economy

Push & Core: push ups & side crawl or bosu/Swiss ball push ups and single leg lifts.

Why? Core strength & stability whilst using the upper and lower body.

Pull & Core: renegade row or hexagon dumbell push up & alternate row.

Why?  Core stability and strength whilst using the upper body.

Core Isolation: side plank & knee drive/leg abduction.

Why?  Hip and Core stability on the bike & run.