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Single Track To Kona


By April 11, 2024No Comments


2024 is a milestone year for me—it’s been 5 years since I last raced in Kona. Back in 2022, Covid struck right before the race, throwing everything off course. It’s almost ironic; my entire career seems to have orbited around this one race, yet I’ve been on a 5-year hiatus from it. This year, though, I’m feeling hopeful.

Season 4 of “Single Track to Kona” offers a deeper peek into my world. Previously, the focus was on the polished, gruelling trilogy of swim, bike, run—with a nod towards the relentless drive needed to compete with the global elite. The initial three seasons mirrored my trajectory, transitioning from off-road to Ironman races and tackling the challenge of swimming (or attempting to, as some would suggest).

I’ve spent years honing both body and mind to meet this sport’s demands, yet beneath all that, I’m still just me. Far from the A-type persona many might expect, I’m a Kiwi at heart, passionate about adventure and a proponent of balance. My training sessions are powered by watching hunting, fishing, and big wave surfing shows—anything but triathlon, really. Yet, at my core, I thrive on pushing limits and relishing hard work. That’s what draws me to this sport.

This season felt like the right time to pull back the curtain and share more of the life that unfolds when the cameras stop rolling.