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The Asics Metaracer – Shoe Review

By October 18, 2020No Comments

Shoe technology at its best? The new Asics Metaracer is my new choice of race shoe. It is the highest performing shoe I have ever run in.
All photos by Roy Schott
I was skeptical about whether I would enjoy the feeling of a carbon foot plate, as I thought it would make the shoe feel really stiff. But this shoe has managed to maintain its suppleness, at the same time as feeling responsive and springy. It naturally encourages a higher cadence with the way it rolls you forward through each stride.
This in itself allows me to maintain a higher cadence and economy in my running, which is something I focus on.  My ankle also feels secure and supported in the shoe, which is also a key thing I look for in any shoe.
I feel as if the shoe is an efficient performer all round and I am looking forward to racing in this shoe in the Auckland half. This will be my first crack at a half marathon.
I am still training like a triathlete, not a running purist, but it will be interesting to see if doing a half, without 90kms of riding first makes any difference to my time.