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The Dream Rig

By June 2, 2020No Comments

For me, the biggest challenge that we have as a family that travels a lot on the road both in the New Zealand back country and on the beaten track, is being able to carry all of our gear whilst keeping it simple, quick and secure. We often carry valuable bikes and equipment so it’s really important these are looked after.

Photo: Roy Schott

With GWD Holden, what we’ve done is set up a roof tray that offers easy access to efficiently switch in and out of different pieces. For example, I can go from kayak cradles to roof boxes quickly.

 Photo: Roy Schott

Having the tough sports lid on the back gives us a lot more roof rack space; four more bike racks can fit on the back and they are nice and easy to load.  The sports lid also makes it great for being able to jump off and do quick rides when you’re on the road. You can walk around on it and load it up weighted-wise and it locks meaning you can put all of the gear you want to keep dry and safe in there. It’s raised in height giving more room in the boot that’s dry, lockable and covered.

 Photo: Graeme Murray

The trucks great to drive and it tows really well. The perfect all-rounder.