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written by Red Bull NZ


Braden Currie further prepares for Kona with a sub tropical training block


When winter hits in the deep south of New Zealand, it’s a blessing for some with the fun on the slopes it brings but for others it can be a hard season especially when your goal is training for IRONMAN Kona where conditions are often unfavorably hot and humid.

For Braden Currie, a winter of hundreds of kilometres of road cycling, running and swimming is made especially hard with the winter conditions that his home town of Wanaka experience.

Training in Noosa – Imagery by Graeme Murray

This year Braden decided to spend the majority of his winter in Noosa to complete a 6-week sub tropical training block, this provides new terrain with different temperatures and conditions enabling him to slowly adjust to a more temperate climate.

“Noosa is an incredible place to base, the days are consistently nice and sunny. For me, I get bored really quickly so having a place like this where you have new rides, open water swims, different runs, I can have a lot of different variation within my training here. Being here for 6-weeks I won’t get sick of what’s on my doorsteps which is awesome”

Bike session in Noosa – Imagery by Graeme Murray

As his Noosa training block draws to a close, Braden will shift his focus to a stint of high altitude training in Boulder, Colorado to further intensity his grueling training program leading him to Kona.