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Welcoming Garmin Australaisia

By May 14, 2020No Comments

I couldn’t be more stoked to announce the formation of a partnership with Garmin Australasia. It’s a real honour that Garmin are prepared to make this commitment for the road ahead, supporting and believing in me as an athlete, especially during this un-certain time with no guarantee of when the next race will be. This alone, whole heartedly backs up the depth and authenticity of the Garmin philosophy that I too, have always believed in; continuing to be courageous and pushing through from both a technological standpoint but also striving to inspire, creating access for people to stay active and fit during this time.

Photo: Korupt Vision

Garmin products have always been my number one preference. The usability and reliability of their devices are exceptional and their products are sync-able across a wide variety of platforms. They are leaders in the GPS and tracking device market.

 Photo: Sean Beale

As an athlete, family man and lover of adventure, it’s all about being in places and environments that generate inspiration. Garmin provides the diverse range of products that enable us to venture deeper into our passions whilst keeping us safe, healthy and fit.

 Photo: Sean Beale

Just like Garmin, I’ve always believed in what I do as a professional. I’m looking forward seeing what we achieve, as partners, in the journey ahead.


Photo: Sean Beale