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All images credit to Jac Lee unless specified

WYN Republic has a story, built on passion, family, and community values. Not only is the brand producing some of the highest performing and stylish triathlon clothing in the world, but its essence and culture brings people together and inspires many to go out and live their best lives.

The WYN Republic brand was born and created by two pro-triathletes, Luke & Beth Mckenzie, who have both achieved world-class results throughout their respective careers, and also by their daughter, Wynne. Born in California, raised in Australia, and the inspiration behind the first word of the name of their epic apparel; WYN – also a homophone for win, winning not only on the race-course, but in life.

“WYN Republic embodies the spirit of Luke & Beth’s passion for the sport, their love for their kids and wanting to have a life that allows them to share time as a family, and their commitment to developing a sense of community within their brand. I know the brand means more to them than just the clothing they produce. They are both incredible athletes and have achieved a huge amount over their careers.  It’s been really cool to see them evolve WYN Republic over the last four years into a brand that emanates their core values and has allowed them to stay connected with the triathlon community.” – Braden Currie

REPUBLIC stands for community with a focus on equality amongst the group of athletes, globally, that share WYN values.

“People enjoy being part of a team, part of a culture and WYN is providing this platform for athletes in a really positive light, it’s amazing to have that support network wherever you are in the world. It’s become bigger than apparel; it’s about connecting with like-minded people within the sport, supporting one another, and forming friendships which in my mind is key to people’s longevity and interest in the sport. The Wyn Republic philosophy is strongly aligned with my personal beliefs in sport and in life and I’m very excited to officially partner with WYN Republic and become ingrained as part of their community & culture. Their cycling apparel is performance-driven and forever evolving. I’m stoked to be able to use their technology and have it on my side”. Braden Currie

“We have undergone intensive research and sourced optimal fabrics that have great cooling technology and paneling that fits the body but also offers elasticity and movement with select placement of aero-dynamic fabrics in places on the suit that matter the most”. – Luke Mckenzie (Owner, WYN Republic)

“Beyond performance and results of our ambassadors, we bring on people who are a natural fit to WYN Republic; being family-orientated is a key value here and Braden’s family philosophy really attracted us to him. The Currie’s are a tight-knit family traveling the world in pursuit of the unknown. It would be a cherry on top if he wins Kona but regardless of this, we are very excited to be part of his journey” – Luke & Beth Mckenzie (Owners, WYN Republic).

 Photo: Korupt Vision

“My wife, Sally, and I share similar family philosophies to Beth and Luke.  Family has always played a huge role in what I do as an athlete, and we know there is a fine balance that is hard to achieve when you are trying to achieve big things. I admire Luke and Beth for making their brand and business something that allows them to integrate their life and passion at the same time as being the parents they want to be.  Sharing the journey and the adventure with the kids is not easy to do. It takes great commitment and courage to achieve what they have with young children, and it is awesome to see.” – Braden Currie